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MTG 5000H Multifunction Timegrapher NEW MODEL

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Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks

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  • MTG 5000H Multifunction Timegrapher NEW MODEL
  • MTG 5000H Multifunction Timegrapher NEW MODEL

TYMC multifunction timegrapher  MTG-5000H (TCXO and TYAPS)

The watch timing machine TYMC multifunction timegrapher MTG-5000H is the top state of the art model for professional use. With a high resolution 7.5" inch drop down colour TFT display, the new TYAPS signal processor, a high stable temperature compensated TCXO timebase and a long time monitoring function for rate and amplitude, it is best equipped to meet all requirements of a professional watch service.

The new TYAPS signal processor has a very powerful AGC (automatic gain control) and noise inhibition function. Measurement is high stable and reliable (especially the amplitude) and makes it possible to test even watches with very weak signal.

The TCXO timebase is temperature compensated and high stable for exact measuring.

The programmed test mode: You can test the watch for a defined time in the 6 positions. After you have completed the test, it will show a summary of the beat rate and amplitude in the 6 positions and also show you the maximum difference of the beat rate and amplitude between the 6 positions. With the optional available printer, you can print the graphic or the numeric results. 

You can choose between two resolutions for numerical AND graphic display. 1s/d and 0,2 s/d which makes a fine tuning more easy.

The long time monitoring function stores beat rate and amplitude up to 13 days and gives you an overview of the long time performance of a movement.

The display can be divided horizontally, so it is possible to show twice as many beats(time>) on the display at once.


  • TCXO highly stable, temperature compensated timebase 
  • TYAPS signal processing unit with fully automatic gain control
  • automatic adjustment of the input signal level 
  • divisible display (horizontal)
  • Long time monitoring for amplitude and rate (up to 13 days)
  • resolution 1s/d or 0,2s/d
  • automatic detection of the beat number or manual selection
  • microphone rotable in 6 positions
  • acoustic simulation of the watch beat (can be switched off)
  • Menu in English clear text
  • Graphic and numeric display of the beat rate and beat error.  Numeric display of amplitude
  • measuring of the amplitude  (lift angle is adjustable for precise measuring)
  • measuring of the beat rate difference between the 6 positions
  • measuring of the amplitude difference between the 6 positions 
  • microprocessor controlled and 7.5" colour backlight LCD display
  • the power supply is integrated in the timegrapher -> more compact handling


  • LC display: 7 “ color  480 x 234 px with backlight (different display color modes)
  • input level adjustment: automatic 
  • measures: beat number, beat rate, beat error, amplitude, aplitude- and rate difference between the 6 positions
  • diagram length: 480 px horizontal / 960 px if display is divided
  • beat rate: -300 s/day ~ +300 s/day (accuracy: +/-0,2 s/day)
  • beat error: 0.0 - 4.0 ms (accuracy: +/- 0.1ms)
  • amplitude: 100° ~ 345° (accuracy: +/- 3°) 
  • can be used for beat numbers: 18000, 19800, 21600, 25200, 28800 and 36000
  • choice of beat number: manual or automatic
  • display mode: horizontal 
  • lift angle adjustable between 30° and 60° 
  • time base: +/- 0,1 s/d
  • voltage: AC 90 V ~ 240 V
  • measurements: 240 x 200 x 130 mm
  • weight: 2.50 kg
  • language: English


 TYMC MTG 5000H (EU-power connector),  6-position microphone, manual in English

We can provide suitable power adapters for your country free of charge. Please tell us which one you need.

This is a special order item and will take around 7 - 10 days to arrive.


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